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Founded in 2010, by Darlene Kearney. Having a strong desire to be a blessing to others. I was a Teenager mother, had my daughter at the age of 18. I never want a Mother to go through what I went through as a Single Mother. Knowing how hard is was for me to afford clothing, formula, diapers, and wipes. I was a homeless teenage mother. Wearing many hats as a Mother, Certified Community Worker/Instructor, Phlebotomist,  Author, Co-Author, Business Owner, Medical Assistant, Certified Nurse Assistant,  First Aid & Seizure Recognition Certified, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Doula,  First Aid Responder, Mental Health Tech, Recovery Coach, Certified Life Coach, Community Health Partner for Texas Department of Human Services, Notary, Officiate, and Licensed  Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern, Parenting Instructor, Domestic Violence Facilitator, Christian Counselor, Anger Management Instructor, and Certified Shoplifting and Theft Therapist. We are helping hands in the Community. Serving the Community for eleven years. August, we give away backpacks filled with school supplies to needy children in the community. November, we give away food boxes  to needy families throughout Houston and feed those in need hot meals. December, we have toy drives for needy children in the community. We also sponsor Baby Showers for Pregnant Mothers in the Houston area.


We have numerous of Diaper & Wipes Drives, throughout the year. We host Community Baby Showers, We also serve as an Emergency Resource Center for all baby items. Mothers in need are free to the items that are donated to us. We offer Free Diapers, Free Baby Wipes,  and Free Formula, to Mothers in need .Once the mother is signed up for our services, they are welcome to come monthly to receive items of their choice throughout the Resource Center. We offer monthly educational classes to the community. 


Our Maternity Home/Boarding Home  service First Time Pregnant Mothers, Single Mothers, and Homeless Mothers. We house the  mother along with their newborn baby or baby for 1 year. We will assist with Employment Readiness, Referral Services , Counseling Services, Life Awareness Classes, Parenting Classes, Nutrition Classes, Money Management, Cooking Classes, Homebuyers Education and Counseling, HIV/AIDS Awareness/Prevention and "Baby Mary"-Basic Baby Training, and Yoga (physical. mental, and spiritual practices), Basic Computer Training, Education (receive High School Diploma)  and Youth Literacy Program. 

We accept mothers with one baby, unborn to the age of one. (Must only have child to be considered for the program)

We accept all Donations, Money, Clothing, Diapers, Wipes, Formula, Baby items, and Furniture, etc.

We accept monetary donations to assist with the monthly expenses of the home, currently we have no funding and I believe in my vision that I work three jobs to fund my maternity homes. . 




     Our Mission



Transforming Teenage Mothers, Single Mothers, and Pregnant Mothers to be the best independent caregivers they can be for their children. Educating and teaching on the daily survival tools to make it in this diverse world. Supplying love and support in the home. Through guidance and dedication. Making sure every female becomes the Lovely Butterfly God called them to be. Helping mothers overcome homelessness. Giving the mother a stable homelike setting for themselves and their babies. Proving stability, resources an referrals so each mother can be the best provider to their children. 

Maternity Home Wish List



Sofa Set

Twin Beds (6)

Pots and Pans


4 Comforter Sets

Hygiene Items



Toilet Tissue

Copy Paper

Baby Socks

Women Socks

Bar Soap


Dishwashing Liquid

Hair Dryers

Hair Brushes

Hair Combs

Storage (Barn)

Batteries (AA & AAA)



Lawn Mower

Weed Eater

Air Fryer

Trash Bags

Toilet Tissue

Diaper Bags (10)

Air Freshener

Plug Ins



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